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Dear NTL member,

The Sentinel Group® (TSG) would like to thank you for attending this year's Summit in Miami. What a great week!!!

TSG is now forming a national consortium for attorney firms looking to acquire cases in the following areas. Click on any of pictures below to learn more information and to see creatives:
* Trucking Accidents, * Asbestos / Mesothelioma, * Nursing Home Abuse, * Traumatic Brain Injury, * Mass Torts
These programs provide an all inclusive solution for case acquisition including: Advertising on national television, radio, print and digital platforms, 24/7/365 bilingual legal intake, packet retention under your law firm's name, and placement of cases you do not wish to litigate in-house.

With interest, for more information including campaign specifics and to view campaign creative, please contact chad.nell@openjar.com or george.young@openjar.com or call 951.296.9222 ext. 310.

We enjoyed meeting many of you at the Summit and look forward to another great year of collaboration!
Summit Partner
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Trucking Accidents Asbestos / Mesothelioma Nursing Home Abuse Traumatic Brain Injury Mass Torts